What Is The Purpose Of An Essay – Teacher's Answer?

From the time you joined school, one of the cultures you must have adapted to over time is writing. Well, for many years now that would probably run into tens of decades, students have always partaken on the art of writing whose very significance relies on the ability to write properly. Further, the art of writing has played such an immense role in the life of students. There are many students who probably engage in article writing and they do not have a clear understanding why it must be so. In the same light, there are those who struggle day in and day out to come up with fathomable articles but what often hinder them from achieving such goals in poor writing skills. All these looked at from a critical standpoint of scholar means that students must and will always write. Writing takes place at different levels and there are a number of writing activities which every student must be part and parcel of at some point in academic life.

Apart from essay writing, there is term paper writing which cuts across research writing, thesis writing and dissertation writing. But have you ever sought to find out the reason why writing is such an important activity at school? If for anything, has your teacher ever told you why you must write and write most part of your school life? An academic literary piece plays many roles not only to ensure progress of this very art but also what this post seeks to explore hereafter, so read for some insightful details explaining why you will continue writing for as long as you are a student.

Acquisition of Creative skills

Well, there are a number of reasons why writing has remained a pivotal thing in the life of a student. To gain mileage in the job market in whatever profession you will be undertaking, creativity is a skill you need all the way long. Through writing, students get to cultivate this skill in many ways.

Acquisition of communication skills

Through writing, students get to communicate in various ways. If you are creative enough, your write up will have more impact on readers. Well, in the job market, good communication is a big necessity and it plays a very significant role in ensuring your progress in anything you do. This also enhances your competitive advantage in the job market.