Helpful recommendations on justifying an evaluation essay

In an academic paper to evaluate argument, you are supposed to judge the book quality either nonfiction or fiction. The purpose of writing when justifying evaluation essay is basically to do a judgment of the book quality as art work, with sound reasons that are based on the careful and skillful analysis of some specified elements of the book. This should be done while ensuring that personal judgments about the author or the book are avoided, based on taste or life experience.
The professors may require that you compose an academic paper in which the ultimate goal is judging the quality of a book or novel, and then defending your judgments with clear support and reasoning. The judgment should be supported with thorough, fair and sound evidence that is based on fair, clear criteria.

  • What is justifying an evaluation?
    Justifying an evaluation means the same thing as purpose of review. Evaluation is basically intended to determine the value of something. For this reason, you need to highlight the positive and also the negative aspects of that thing and this should be done in critical manner. Your job as critical evaluator is defending the worth or value of the thing. In addition to book reviews, product, music and movie reviews need critical evaluations. Some of the judgments may be negative while others are positive.
  • Important to note:
    It is important to note that you will not be defending the judgment depending on whether you like or do not like the book, but on whether the book qualifies to be termed as good, depending on objective criteria. The reason of writing critical review is simply to be capable of evaluating the subjective art works in objective manner, rather than by preference or personal taste. This means you need to be objective when writing evaluation argument essay and in this regard you will have to provide reasons for the judgment beyond personal taste matters.
  • Secret of success:
    The secret to success of the reviewer or critic in writing this paper is to suppress the ‘hater’ or ‘fan’ in the favor of giving your brain’s critical reasoning parts the chance of uncovering the truth about subject quality and thus you need to give the good and also the bad points. For this to happen, you need to check your personal feelings and forgo the same in favor of critical review and reasoning.

In view of the foregoing, a sound judgment paper looks like; evidence combined with critical reasoning and thinking about the evidence, equal to sound judgment support. In reviewing a book, the objective evidence is the book itself. Reiterating the content in the book does not constitute good support for the judgment. On the contrary, it is the analysis and the questioning of evidence which constitutes support or critique of the judgment.