Creative Essay Topics For 10th Graders: Excellent Ideas

If you are in the 10th grade, you are probably at the peak of your creative writing abilities. You have been at it for a considerably long period of time and have overcome some of the very initial complications that come with creative writing. So by all means, this is the time and opportunity to expand. And nothing sets you better than a set of reasonable topics that are meaningful and well-timed.

What should a 10th grade creative topic look like?

There has to be some kind of normalcy in the creative topic you choose for the subject. You should try something very ostentatious for the subject. Make sure there is a little scope for expansion and creative liberty of the subject as well.

Creative essay topics for the 10th grade

  • Describe the time when you met your best friend
  • What was possibly the bravest moment you have lived? What was so special about it?
  • Describe the experience of an event when you overcame a certain fear
  • Recall that one moment which changed your life permanently
  • Describe the qualities in you that will help you succeed in life
  • Talk about some moments when you had to make a difficult choice in life
  • Talk about a place that has been very special for you
  • Narrate an event when you had been let down by a friend
  • Talk about a time when you had experienced a failure. How did you recover?
  • Create a situation in which you would be possibly disappointed
  • Tell readers about a fictional story where there is a very surprising turn of events
  • Talk about your favorite time period and what made it so special
  • Name and describe a place that you have always wished to avoid
  • What are some things you would like to change if you had power?
  • Describe one existing or a fictional super power that you would like to have
  • One of the greatest losses that you have experienced
  • The most impactful book you have ever read
  • The TV show you would like to create
  • The one place on the earth that you would like to replace with something else

Try out new topics

There are also some topics that you would like to try out on your own. While you are not making the most of the available experiences when trying these out, make sure there are no areas that you leave out in the essay.