4 Common Rules For Writing Academic Essay Cover Page

The cover page of your academic paper decides whether people stay with the paper or skip reading it. It is basically the way you want the paper to look like before the readers have even read the first sentence from the introduction. It is a given that such a page has to be very attractive. But how do you take it further? Are there ways in which you can make the cover page of the cover equally well-toned with the rest of the academic essay that is to follow?

To understand how to create good cover pages for academic papers, you will first have to first go through the cover pages of successful papers. Once you have a fair idea of what these pages look like, follow these four simple rules to create good cover pages by yourself.

  1. Spot the important elements
  2. The first thing you should be able to do when you look at a few well-made cover pages is look at a few important elements that are present in the cover pages of other brands that you follow. These are the same elements that need your consideration when you are looking at them objectively.

    These elements include the:

    • Title of the paper
    • Name of the author and their institution
    • Appropriate serial/roll bomber
  3. Develop a theme for the page
  4. The theme for the cover page for your academic paper does not need to be anything extraordinary. There are several themes from which you may choose while you are at it. There are also several ways in which you will be asked to write things that will help you with issues that are yet to be resolved. You should also realize that adding a theme to the page is secondary. You may do perfectly well even without a theme.

  5. Choose font style and size well
  6. The font style that you choose should be among the accepted ones in the format that you are using to write. There are several ways in which this can be done. In order to understand this you will have to visit the format and know about the accepted fonts. The font size is equally important here. You must make sure you get both right at the same time.

  7. Keep things minimalistic
  8. Unless you are able to keep things low profile and confined to the minimum, you will not be able to make the most of the available scope with the cover page. Also, minimalist cover pages are the most attractive ones.